DECA prepares students for the business world

The DECA leadership class poses in their team jackets on the quad. Photo courtesy of Andrew Nelson.

By Melanie Ibanez

The DECA leadership class works to prepare students to be leaders and entrepreneurs in the fields of marketing, finance, business administration, and hospitality. Through this the team seeks to bridge the gap between the high school classroom and the business world. 

Students on the team engage in competitions with over 200,000 other high schools around the nation as well as working with the community in service projects.

DECA competitions challenge students with creative problem solving connected to business and finance in order to prepare them not just for college but the adult world. 

As a team, DECA members get together to practice exams and presentations as well as to run through logistics on individual topics for competitions. 

“We are well prepared for real world situations and problems. A lot of our DECA students report that they have had successful interviews thanks to the skills taught in our business classes,¨ senior and DECA vice president Madison Trotter-McFarland said.

Students involved in DECA participate in competitions in which they showcase their knowledge of a variety of subjects related to entrepreneurship.  DECA events are geared toward marketing and business management as well as administration and finance. The competitions test students’ business and real-world savvy.

Students who join DECA are given a high amount of responsibility that must not be taken lightly.  It not only fosters leadership skills, but also prepares them for their lives as adults.

Members of the DECA team use those leadership skills in projects such as their holiday letter campaign.

“Personally, I’ve always seen myself as a leader, whether it’s within DECA, or on the football field, or even in our community, so that along with my passion for DECA convinced me to run for treasurer,¨ junior and treasurer Alexander Alonzo said.