GHCHS explores options for Pinecrest property

Pinecrest_School_Northridge_251967By Jeet Rai

“How do you possibly maneuver through the masses to get to your class from B to L building?” junior Eden Glaser asked.

Junior Sara Johnson answered, “I have no idea – considering the fact that the school is so huge.” Her response is common.

There has been plenty of talk about Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS) expanding its domain (after all, we are proud to announce that GHCHS is the largest high school in the San Fernando Valley, with over 4,300 students).

In March 2013, the Granada Hills Charter High School purchased the Pinecrest School property, located on the corner of Devonshire St. and Balboa  Ave.

Changes in regards to Pinecrest will take effect tentatively in 2015-2016. Currently, preliminary plans concerning how GHCHS students will be affected are still in progress; however, Bauer shared what direction the acquisition of Pinecrest might take.

“Right now, we are exploring many different options. As always, the students’ educational experience is top priority. The program that we will implement at Pinecrest will be small enough to sustain itself, such as the virtual program offered here at Granada,” Bauer said.

In the future, this property may house small high school programs that do not require complex processes. It will undergo a  series of modernizations. This construction will occur in phases, and may take five to eight years to complete.

The goal is to eventually develop a new campus, either a kindergarten through eight grade school or an extension of GHCHS’ high school campus ro its programs.

Further plans may include purchasing additional property and modernizing the GHCHS campus by replacing some of the older bungalow classrooms.

Safety plays another inherent role in the plans and changes for the Pinecrest campus. Many parents, students, and teachers agree that one of GHCHS main goals is student safety inside and outside of the classroom.

GHCHS makes itself known for its high standards and its quality education, and this will continue with its new acquisition.

“The Pinecrest Purchase” mainly stems from a desire to enhance GHCHS’ already exceptional academic programs and to address GHCHS’ sizable population.

With almost 3,000 students applying for the Open Enrollement lottery, GHCHS is indeed in need of space and the school is excited for its new prospect.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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