7 Chromebook tips and tricks


By Jeet Rai 

Now that Chromebooks are the new big thing at our school, it is in your best interest to learn the tips and tricks that will allow you to make the most out of all that the Chromebooks have to offer. From learning new ways to search your files to using just three keys to take a screenshot, navigating the Chromebook couldn’t have been easier.

Set your wallpaper! That’s right, you can officially personalize your computer. Simply click on Settings and then “Set wallpaper.” If you want to choose a picture that is your own, email it to yourself and save it as a file on the Chromebook. Then complete the steps above, but choose from the “Custom” tab to select the photo that you have uploaded. Your laptop is now recognizable as your own!

GDR: the new way to search. Have way too many files on your Google Drive or Gmail? Always spending forever looking for the right one? Fear no more. To perform a quick search using keywords of your file, use GDR. Right-click in your Omnibox (Google chrome’s address bar) and click on the ¨Edit search engines” option. Perform the following:

Add new search engine: Google Drive

You may also add Thesaurus.com and Dictionary.com using the following:

To quickly switch windows or tabs… Don’t scroll all the way to the top of the screen to click the “back” button! Simply swipe with two fingers left or right to go back to your previous search. To quickly switch between tabs within an opened Google chrome page, swipe left or right with three fingers. As always, Alt+tab works, but it only allows you to switch between other Google chrome pages.

Speaking of tabs, you always have way too many open. Add the extension “OneTab”on the Google chrome web store. This extension organizes your tabs so that you can group and name them, and even access a “group” that you created last week! Because “OneTab” ensures that your tabs can be saved for the next time you need them, you don’t have to feel guilty about closing tabs anymore. And because your tabs are closed, shutting down your computer won’t be a daunting task anymore.

Yes, you can download apps. You just have to ask for permission first, which is easy to do (simply email the help desk). Keep in mind that the school’s number one priority is to foster a safe learning environment, so the requested app needs to have relatively high ratings from a large body of people. It also needs to be safe. Apps are approved on a need-basis that appeal to more than just one person.

You don’t always need wifi… Don’t have access to wifi, but have an essay due tomorrow? Not a problem, just create a google docs offline. The file will be saved as an offline file, but once you restart with Internet access, you can always rename it.

Want NEED your Caps-lock back? (Settings, Keyboard settings, change “Search” to Caps Lock) Want to screenshot something by using only three keys? (Ctrl+Shift+Window switcher key) Want to quickly lock your Chromebook? There are multiple shortcuts to this device, simply go online and discover something new. You don’t know how convenient it can be until you try it for yourself.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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