The struggle of rags to riches: Then and now

Actress Halley Berry signs autographs for US soldiers at Tuzla Main Base, Bosnia-Herzegovina, during Operation JOINT GUARD. On December 20, 1996, the Implementation Force (IFOR) mission came to a conclusion and the 1st Infantry Division was selected to continue serving in Bosnia as part of the new Stabilization Force (SFOR). Photo courtesy of SPC James Gordon, Wikimedia Commons

By Alexandrianna De La Cerda

In this world the dream of fame and success crosses nearly everyone’s mind. However the path to fame is not always as glamorous as it is thought to be. For many actors and musicians it took longer to get where they are now in comparison to how long they have actually been at the “top.” Of course some are born into fame, but Hollywood does not give enough credit to those who have succeeded despite struggle.
For instance, Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry found herself taking refuge in homeless shelters in New York before her notable acting days. The struggling actress had reached out to her mother for assistance but was denied.
“I called my mother and asked her to send me some money, and she said no, and that led to a year of not speaking, but that’s probably one of the best things she did for me,” Berry said in an interview with People Magazine.
Rather than hiding her past, Berry openly speaks about it being a motivational experience for her.
Quitting was never an option for her. Berry not only has an Academy Award for Best Actress but she also proudly holds that title as the first ever African-American female to receive that award.
She has become a symbol for the African-American community and has proven that with hard work and dedication anything is achievable regardless of the circumstances.
This narrative is not uncommon for many aspiring actors and musicians.
However, with today’s advancement in technology, social media, and communication, those previous limitations of poverty, financial instability, and lack of acceptance in the industry are now fading.
In 2017 there are media outlets ranging from Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. Because of the prevalence of these mediums, young teens can rise to stardom more easily by dancing and lip syncing to videos.
One platform that now stands out in particular is YouTube. Many young adults have made a living by making vlogs, skits, Q & A’s, doing challenges, and much more.
One couple in particular who found themselves struggling with no jobs, or house, while expecting a child, is the ACE Family. YouTubers Austin Mcbroom and Catherine Paiz, accompanied by their one year old daughter Elle Lively, turned to YouTube during their time of need.
In a video the family posted in late June titled “THE TRUTH…” the couple told the story of their journey to success. The family stated that a friend had recommended they vlog their daily lives to earn some easy money from YouTube due to a growing number of successful vloggers on the internet.
“Catherine and I are not the type to ask for money. We could’ve easily asked our parents for money but we would never do that,” McBroom said in the video. It took no more than a year for them to gain many viewers, which is in fact a whole lot faster than what past celebrities went through such as Halle Berry.
Though they had similar experiences, Berry had to work on her craft for years, while the ACE Family rose to fame in a matter of months. Due to the growth of technology and media, the concept of fame has changed. In the end, fame is fame, but the journey to it is what should count.

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