Nothing Bundt Cakes tiers its way through Granada Hills

By Eunice Kim


Nothing Bundt Cakes, a bakery known for its bundt cakes, expanded its business to Granada Hills on September 27. The chain opened in the Granada Village, near stores including T.J. Maxx and Homegoods. It joins the franchise with over 260 bakeries across the United States.

Jessica and Zach Zeidler are the owners of the Granada Hills bakery, but they are not new to the scene; they also own a Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery in Valencia.

Despite the relatively recent opening, they claim that the bakery can get 100 to 300 guests per day, though that number can balloon to more than 400 during their busiest times like the holiday season.

The cakes can be purchased for a variety of events from “Just because” to “Birthday.” Moreover, they come in a myriad of different styles like Tiered Bundt Cakes (an 8 inch cake over a 10 inch cake), 8 inch bundt cakes, bundtlets (miniature cakes), and more. The bakery’s website asserts that its cakes consist of real eggs, butter, and cream cheese; additionally, the cake frosting comes in the bakery’s signature thick frosting petals, though customers can also opt for a lighter drizzle frosting.

The cakes can be purchased with accessories for a variety of occasions as well such as candles, greeting cards, etc.

“One of the things that makes us unique is the way we decorate our 8 inch and 10 inch cakes. We use non-edible designs in beautiful colors and very intricate pieces that really add personality to our already beautiful cakes,” owner Zach Zeidler said.

Popular flavors include chocolate chip, red velvet, white chocolate raspberry, and lemon among others. There are seasonal flavors as well such as pumpkin spice for fall and peppermint chocolate chip for the winter season.

“The cake base was a rich, soft meadow of red velvet beneath a luscious whip of cream cheese frosting. It felt unique to the palate, in spite of being a classic flavor,” senior Thushani Gunaratne said of the red velvet cake.

The Granada Hills location is just one example of how the Nothing Bundt Cake franchise has spread since it began with founders Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz in 1997 at their flagship Las Vegas location.

For owners Jessica and Zach Zeidler, issues regarding the process of running a bakery involve baking sufficient amount of cake and making enough frosting to make a suitable amount for everyone. But the many franchises mutually support each other while each still has a “mom and pop” ambience throughout the plethora of stores.

“We love our location here in Granada Hills. This center is very busy and has a wonderful energy. I love that we are doing our little part to make people’s special occasion even more special. We have the honor of being part of the celebration which is a lot of fun,” Zeidler said.

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