ASB hosts first virtual Club Rush

Club Rush 2018: This was the last Club Rush to be held in the quad as the 2019 Club Rush was held indoors due to construction and the 2020 Club Rush will be held online.

By Alina Issakhanian

On Friday, September 25, Granada Hills Charter (GHC) will be holding its first Virtual Club Rush. Under normal circumstances , club officers would set up booths to showcase their clubsto interested students walking around the quad. This year, because of the new virtual setting, Club Rush and club meetings will be hosted online. 

“During the event, we will be using a block schedule that will consist of various breakout sessions to imitate the ‘booths’ that a regular club rush at school would have. Throughout the block schedule, students will have the opportunity to meet clubs they are interested in as well as discover new clubs,” junior ASB Club Committee member Jessica Liyange said.

Although some club officers feel that they won’t have the same experience as they had at Club Rush in past years, they plan on making it the best they can.

 “Club Rush is very different this year because there is less interaction. That makes it harder to express what the club is really like to potential members. But the virtual Club Rush might create a calmer environment. Instead of people rushing and a crowded quad, students can see every club and find one they are interested in. We want to make our club stand out by interacting with prospective members by showing them what our club is like on a normal meeting day,” senior and vice president of the Armenian Club Ani Saroyan said.

The school offers over 60 clubs, thereby providing many options for interested students from cultural clubs to academic clubs to hobby clubs.

An online platform for clubs is expected to work the same way classes work. A virtual meeting will be created by club officers and advisors to meet and conduct club activities. 

“The purpose of joining a club is to meet students with similar interests and to be able to freely express oneself through club activities. Due to the current circumstances, we understand the difficulty of online school and hope the students will be as enthusiastic about a virtual Club Rush as they would be about a normal one,” Liyanage said. 

Now especially, clubs can create an opportunity to find friends and still have a sense of community, even though we are separated by the pandemic. They can also further interests and make life in the virtual format a little brighter. 

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