About The Plaid Press

The Plaid Press is published by the advanced journalism class at Granada Hills Charter High School. It is a student-run publication where the staff chooses the stories, does the reporting, and designs the newspaper and website.

Instagram: @GHCplaidpress
Twitter: @ghchsplaidpress

Advisor: Melissa Spaulding (mspaulding@ghctk12.com)

Senior Editors: Kiara Amaya, Lily Angel, Diana Arutyunyan, Diana Kesablyan, Jasmine Kim, Melica Mahmoudi, Kimberley Perez

Junior Editors: Joy Hanna, Angelina Herrera, Melanie Ibanez, Erick Joven, Tomas Palmieri, June Peers, Mariyah Ramirez

Cartoonist: Brianna Moreno-Angel

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