Athletes have mixed views about study hall period

By Shelby Lofton and Marissa Scott

Student athlete opinions favor the new bell schedule.
Student athlete opinions favor the new bell schedule.

As we all know, the school has implemented a new bell schedule made to benefit the athletic department, as well as various academic programs on campus.

One goal for the bell schedule change is to allow student athletes increased learning time within their full schedule.

Instead of missing important class time every time there is a game or meet, athletes now have a study hall during first or fifth period to catch up on any missed or incomplete homework and allow them to go to games without missing class.

There have been mixed reactions among the athletes concerning the addition of a study hall.

For some, the extra period to cool off before practice or a game is appreciated.

“I definitely prefer this year’s schedule more. I get to practice more during that hour on Tuesdays and I can focus more all on all my academic classes,” varsity basketball player, senior Michael Kalu said.

However, although this hour can act as a break for rest, a lot of student athletes find themselves becoming distracted during the period and rarely end up making headway on their schoolwork.

“I think because we are in a room with all of our friends, we start talking and get very distracted from doing our homework,” varsity soccer player, senior Maia Innis said.

Despite the fact that the fifth period study hall is intended to better the educational lives of student athletes, some feel that waking up early could affect them in a negative way.

“I prefer last year’s [schedule] just because I don’t like waking up earlier for zero period,” varsity volleyball player, senior Hannah Patton said.

Many student athletes are even more tired than before. After a longer school day, and hours of practice or a game, students come home to eat a late dinner.

For those who are distracted during study hall, student athletes still find themselves beginning their homework later in the evening and are still sleep deprived due to zero period classes.

Although the zero period start time is substantially later than last year’s 6:55 a.m., it still seems to affect some of the athletes.

The new bell schedule has different effects on various athletes. Some dislike the new schedule and some take advantage of the early start and the study hall period.

Most believe that the new bell schedule effects their game or track meet positively despite what other athletes say.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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