Meet the Editors-in- Chief

By Melody Park and Tessa Weinberg

Carolyn Cho / The Plaid Press
Carolyn Cho / The Plaid Press

With the end of summer comes the start of another school year on which The Plaid Press hopes to accurately report. Although our main goal is to keep the student body up to date and well-informed, we hope to expand upon that purpose by emerging as a stronger online presence as well. Our upcoming website will be brand new and will be updated regularly with exclusive web and video content. The newspaper is still our first priority, but we hope to delve into more multimedia dimensions so our readers can have easier direct access to school news and editorials. With the transition of our website from a free site to its own domain, our readers can expect to see articles on a variety of platforms, including more videos, infographics and photos.

. Since we have limited page space in the newspaper and a staff filled with passionate writers, we have a surplus of stories. The staff is always working on stories for the paper, for grades, or for personal use. So each article can receive the same merits and readership as the articles that do get published in our monthly issues through our website.

Additionally, the layouts on some pages will undergo changes this year. To make our online content more accessible, on the inside news page we will print a quick response (QR) code that can easily be scanned with a smart phone to take you to our website. Furthermore, we will conveniently compile the headlining onlinee pieces on page two of each issue of our paper.

Our entertainment page will now have more room for stories, as we have shifted our “What We’re Reading/Listening To/Watching” section to the entertainment page online. This allows us to use our limited page space more efficiently, without losing any quality content.

As your Editors-in-Chief, we bring with us previous years of experience serving on the newspaper, and we hope to use our know-how to curate new content that will create a prime news experience for our readers. Although we are a school newspaper and are limited in resources, we will maintain the utmost level of professionalism.

We plan to sustain a self-sufficient newspaper by generating more of our own original content from graphics and photographs to unique story ideas.

We are the voices of Granada Hills Charter High School. We strive to deliver interesting and informative news that molds the students that make up our audience. When you read our newspaper we hope to compel you to question your surroundings, exude enthusiasm, and, perhaps, provide you a moment of respite from your busy day.

Our wish is that the newspaper becomes a staple of your time here at school. This is our readers’ newspaper just as much as it is ours. We always welcome feedback, opinions and questions. If you see us around campus we encourage you to say hi, share a prospective story idea, or tell us about favorite articles on our website. Here’s to a great year, Granada.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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