Street Food Cinema celebrates Beatles 50th anniversary

By Danielle  Korzhenyak

Danielle Korzhenyak / The Plaid Press
Danielle Korzhenyak / The Plaid Press

You are sitting on a fuzzy, warm blanket while the sun sets and you plunge into a s’more beignet that is rich and delicious beyond words. There is a large, green softball stadium where the movie will be shown; and before you walk into the stadium, all you can see and smell are the tasty food trucks.

On August 30, Northridge Little League Field was filled with diehard Beatles fans waiting to take part in this special event. Upon entering the field filled with hundreds of people, I felt a sense of excitement rush through my body. I took my place and relaxed while I enjoyed the savory food truck grub until Ticket to Ride, a Beatles tribute band, took center stage.

After fulfilling my lifelong dream of dancing like a 60’s girl at a Beatle’s concert, it was time to take our seats for the start of the movie. At this time, the sun was gone and it was pitch black. In that moment, between the end of the live music and before the start of the film, there was a feeling of excitement and curiosity.

For the youth of this generation, we found this new and exciting. And for our parents, this was a chance to relive their childhood.

As a result, movies like “A Hard Day’s Night” are part of the reason why Street Food Cinema has grown to be a successful event series in Los Angeles.

If you are looking for an out of the box experience, I recommend attending a Street Food Cinema event. The imaginative experience shows you how exciting it is to have a change of scenery where you watch a movie and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Street Food Cinema is an outdoor movie experience produced by TIL Lifestyle Marketing and Events. TIL is proud to serve the Los Angeles community with entertainment, music, and food at every Street Food Cinema event. Every Saturday, from May through October, Street Food Cinema presents a feature film at different locations around Los Angeles, such as Manhattan Beach, Glendale, and Northridge, along with tasty food trucks and live music.

The reason people enjoy coming to different locations to watch these classic and timeless movies is because of the surrounding community. Individuals come from all around Los Angeles County to watch and take part of something as a unit.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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