Emergence of thrift stores leads to fashion “crossroad”

By Danielle Korzhenyak

Photo Courtesy of Danielle Korzhenyak

Crossroads Trading Co., provides savvy thrifters with a unique shopping experience and a full wardrobe. Crossroads Trading Co., which has multiple locations across the Los Angeles area including Santa Monica and Studio City, is a well known buy-sell-trade store that specializes in buying and selling clothes and accessories for either cash or trade credit.

As the fashion world evolves, thrift stores are slowly taking over the fashion scene of the 21st century. It’s a fashion fad that satisfies different types of personalities for men and women of all ages. People may interpret thrift stores as being full of second hand clothes that have been used already. However, people should not feel ashamed of going to second hand stores and buying beautiful, used, clothes that look great.

The beauty of thrift stores is that they are unique places where clothes are passed down from one individual to the next with a story behind each article of clothing. The clothes have more character and more to offer than new clothes.

Shopping at thrift stores is a great way to find your own style that department stores cannot curate for you. Department stores carry all the same items, but thrift stores are one of a kind because they do not have multiple pieces of the same clothing.

Because all of the pieces are one of a kind and not mass produced, you are able to find brands of clothing at lower prices that are found at department stores, such as Forever 21, H&M, Papaya, or Express.

Crossraods is picky about the selection of clothes they choose, but once they decide on some clothes to buy they offer cash or store credit. I found that using the store credit is much more beneficial than getting cash, for two reasons. First, they provide more money in store credit than they do in cash and, secondly, you will be tempted to continue to shop there no matter what, and  buy more clothes.

The feel of Crossroads makes it a special environment to be inside of. The rows and racks of clothes and shoes create an atmosphere worth spending your money in. One thing that qualifies Crossroads as an exemplary store to shop at is their selective process in purchasing the clothes rather than accepting donations.

They buy according to season and what is in style which ensures the clothing you will buy will be top quality. Although they are a tad picky in what they choose to buy from their customers, the value of the clothing becomes worth it in the end.

Thrift shopping is one way to create your new style. No one ever said bargain shopping was easy, but believe it; it pays off in the end for both your closet and your wallet. Especially when shopping at Crossroads, shoppers can find their unique look on a budget and also make some money as well.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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