Repetition degrades horror movies

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Ouiji board. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

By Carolyn Cho

What do “Saw,” “Paranormal Activity,” and “Final Destination” all have in common? Well, for starters, there are at least five in each series and the majority of them follow the same storyline as the other movies in the respected series.

Despite how over-done these horror movies can be, they almost never fail to bring in the big bucks and consumer interest. From a horror movie producer’s perception these movies are, yes, lacking in creativity and originality, but worth the production and time.

As long as these movies hit big in the box offices, producers and directors alike do not see the need to change the typically cheesy scripts as well as the over-done plots, resulting in less than stellar movies that severely lack in content.

In all sincerity, the “Saw” series should have stopped at the first sequel and the “Final Destination” series should have stopped after the first, or perhaps even before the first.

With the onset of October and the whole Halloween frenzy, it’s officially horror movie month. Poor quality horror movies will be released one after another, neither captivating nor, honestly, worth the ticket money. The public has already endured five Paranormal Activity movies, so one may ask if there are even any fresh ideas left for a horror film. Well, if you abhor genuine and meaningful entertainment, I highly recommend “Ouija,” which is set to premier next month. It’s a board game, how fresh.

Finally, our society has reached the miserable point where the most original idea a horror movie is based upon is a board game. However, on the other hand, we might as well thank and praise “Ouija” for cutting the slow and painful death of the horror movie industry with this production.


Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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