SLC plans exciting year

By Delaney Dilzer

Every senior wants to enjoy the perks that come with their last year of high school. Senior Leadership Council (SLC) is composed of 31 seniors who work together to make those seniors’ expectations into a reality.

Their first event of the year was Senior Day. Senior Day is an all day event, which took place on Wednesday, October 15. Seniors said it was well worth the money.

Seniors who do not have detention or debts can go on the trip to the scenic Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. Thanks to the planning of SLC, there will be food, carnival games, and foam to play in.

SLC is in charge of Winter Formal, Prom, Senior Sunset, Dodgeball Inferno and Senior Day.

The diversity of social groups in SLC allows for better representation of the entire senior student body.

Within SLC, there are committees which are in charge of certain senior activities. This includes committees for fundraising, media, and publicity. Some committees take charge of all of the flyers and banners distributed around school. Information on events is also spread through social media, mostly on SLC’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.

SLC is not only a group of seniors who work well together, but a family as well. Every single member of SLC is valuable in helping contribute to the wonderful memories that are made in senior year.

Additionally, SLC gives seniors the chance to be involved in school. They work hard so they can make their senior year as fun and exciting as possible. Their primary goal is to be able to look back at their senior year and smile at all of the great memories they created through all of the senior events.


Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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