The football team welcomes Coach Frost


By Sukhmani Kaur

This year, our football team kicked off the season with determination and willpower as they welcomed a new coach.

Coach Tim Frost is one of the most well-known coaches at the school. When he first came here, Frost was initially the cross country coach as well as the frosh/soph football coach.

However, Frost decided to focus on cross country after a four years. Now, when this opportunity has come to him again, he could not refuse.

“I’ve always loved football, and it’s great being a football coach again. It’s a totally different experience being a frosh/soph coach and then becoming a varsity coach,” Frost said.

Frost has gotten down to business with the team, and they are working on new strategies for the season as he makes changes to their offensive play.

“The team is running a whole new offense, which is taking time to adjust to. It’s a change of pace for us since we worked with one coach for three years and now in our senior year, we have to do things a little differently,” varsity football captain Sean Onuwalu said, fellow senior and captain Jacob Garcia agreed.

It seems that these new strategies have paid off as the team defeated the school’s rival, Kennedy 27-14 on September 19.

“I’m happy that we recently beat Kennedy. Once we get going, we will have a much stronger team and season to come,” Frost said.

So far this season, the team has an overall play of 1-4. They continue to work hard and give their best effort to make the play-offs, despite the recent changes.

In addition to working on the team’s strategy for play-offs, Frost also has goals for himself as a coach.

“My goal as a coach is to make the team the best that it can be,” Frost said.

As the football team celebrates the arrival of their new coach, the cross country team lost a great mentor that they miss dearly.

“Part of me misses Coach Frost while part of me looks forward to the fresh start our team will have and the new ways of doing things on the team. I hope Coach Frost does well in football.

I think the team will do well, he’s a good coach,” junior and cross country varsity captain André Shahinian said.

In the end, many look forward to the changes Frost plans to make to the team and their overall plays this season.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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