Debate Team brings trophies

GHCHS Debate Team. Photo courtesy of Cory Cunanan.
GHCHS Debate Team. Photo courtesy of Cory Cunanan.

By Sukhmani Kaur

On Oct. 11, the debate team competed at California State University Fullerton where the team won many titles in both the varsity and novice divisions.

In the varsity division, senior and debate captain Emaan Rashidi was titled Quarter-Finalist while senior Ashley Roy was titled Octo-Finalist. Along with varsity, the novice team won many awards.

Sophmores Gurbir Singh and Cory Cunanan were titled Semi-Finalists while sophmores Manpreet Parmar and Vikas Chauhan were titled Quarter-Finalist and Octo-Finalist respectively.

In this competition, many novices passed the pre-eliminations round and gained many titles.

The novice team’s great performance this year is in part due to the guidance of Rashidi and debate coach Jerome Robinson.

Rashidi spends individual time with each team member so that they are well prepared for the competitions.

Rashidi, a member of the team for three years, guides the team members based on her previous experience, knowledge, and advice she has learned from previous debate captains. Rashidi and speech captain and senior Lesly Silva work tirelessly afterschool prepping teammates and holding mock competitions.

The team has rigorous practices after school where Rashidi and Silva work on drills with the team such as speaking and arguments drills and consistency drills.

Through these drills Rashidi makes sure the debaters are confident and consistent with the information that they present during competitions.

“Once you have a strong hold on what they are doing, they will be winning,” Rashidi said.

The result of all this hard work was seen on Oct. 25 when the debate team competed at Oaks Christian High School and won every title available to the competitors.

“The second you know how to play the game, you will be winning, and that is exactly what we are doing,” Rashidi said.

Both the new and veteran debaters find an exciting year ahead of them as they have already gained the recognition of “sweeping,” or winning a majority of awards,” multiple competitions.

Now the debate team continues to prepare for their next tournament that will be a league open Lincoln Douglas tournament at Taft High School on Nov. 22.


Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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