JV football strives for greatness in 2014

JV football

By Marissa Scott

Friday afternoon lights. Not quite the same as Friday night lights, but just as thrilling.

The junior varsity (JV) football team strives for domination during the 2014 season with their change in plays and newly found chemistry as a completely different team from last year. With their record improving from 1-6 in the 2013 season to 5-3-2 in the 2014 season, there is a noticeable change on the field and in the locker room.

The JV football team has not had much success in the past nor do they receive much attention, but this year they have proven worth watching. Many aspects of the team changed from last year due to staff changes within the team.

“The plays changed just because there is a new offensive coordinator. We have a chemistry based defense now and it works very well. We know how to play with each other and we communicate a lot better this year compared to last year,” junior Jason Rosser, starting quarterback, said.

Along with better chemistry on the field, the ambience in the locker room and throughout the team has changed greatly. “I love being around my teammates. They all come out to play and try to have as much fun as possible and everything works out well and it shows on the scoreboard,” junior Carlos Ancheta, said.

Granada Hills Charter High School is the best team in the league, with their league record stand at 2-0-1, and as a result, the players enjoy representing GHCHS and playing their best.

“I love playing football for my school. It is my first year and it feels nice that people support us no matter what. I hope I get to play here all of high school because it is my passion and I love my school,” freshman Ernesto Guevara, said.

Although the JV football season is over, the team continues to work hard and prepare to improve their overall play for the 2015 season.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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