Student representatives visit Phoenix, Arizona

Photo courtesy of Grand Canyon University
Photo courtesy of Grand Canyon University

By Mariana Valdez

On Nov. 4 and 5 various peer college counselors (PCCs) were accompanied by the college counselors to Phoenix, Arizona, where they visited Grand Canyon University (GCU).

These students not only took the trip to have an educational experience, but also to learn more about GCU and what the school offers.

During this time of the year, many seniors are constantly thinking about college, whether it is the application process for colleges, asking for teacher recommendations, or seeing if they can visit possible colleges.

Luckily, there are many colleges that allow interested students to visit their campus, including fly-in programs, and get a feel for the school environment.

While many colleges have open houses, some colleges set aside separate dates for students to stay for on campus for a couple of days and get a more personal experience while visiting the college.

While at GCU, these students were able to experience living in a dorm where they stayed with other high school students who have an interest in the school.

Students were also able to attend and check out possible events that were happening on campus, such as athletic games, theatre concerts, and mock classes where they learned more about GCU from an admissions representative.

The adult supervisors had positive reflections on the trip afterwards.

“It was a jam-packed trip where the students were able to bond, learn about the college admission process, and be exposed to the college life. Plus the students found out they were accepted and were eligible for $11,000 scholarships,” college and career counselor Dionne Rader said.

Students also had good impressions of the trip.

“This visit to GCU helped me to understand what it means to see if [a] school is a right fit. I loved the atmosphere at GCU because the students were super friendly and approachable,” senior and PCC Vivian Kim said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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