Fantasy sports: the fans are in the game

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Photo Courtesy of Jim F (Wikimedia Commons)

By Nicholas Logan

Fantasy sports are a way friends and family can come together while involving themselves in the passion they have for a particular sport. Friends are able to draft real-life professional athletes and possibly create a “dream team.”

There are many different types of sports that have fantasy sports available to take part in.

Fantasy sports allow people to make the team they have always imagined. The fewer players in a league the more likely someone is to have a better team because more players will be available to the participants.

Playing with more players can make the competition more interesting, however, more players means people in later rounds have to draft players of whom they have never heard.

Fantasy drafts are also interesting because of the variety of league rules.

The league president is allowed to decide how the draft will go, and how the scoring will work.

It is always good to choose a trustworthy president who will not make the draft benefit him or herself or even change the scores to gain an unfair advantage.

People in the league also have creative freedom with their team. They are allowed to choose a picture, have a team name, and of course draft whatever athlete, they would like.

Team names are a big part of fantasy sports. Players can get clever and have a pun having to do with a specific athlete.

Before the season starts, Entertainment & Sports Programming Network (ESPN) has an article listing fun and creative fantasy names to use.

“Leave it to Weaver” is good for a baseball team name referencing the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim pitcher, Jered Weaver, and “Cry me a Rivers” is a good name for a football team referencing to the San Diego Chargers quarterback, Phillip Rivers.

As drafting is the main part of fantasy sports, people will most likely have a completely different team by the end of the year.

Fantasy sports allow people to pick up players who were not drafted and trade with other teams in the league.

If a player gets injured or is not playing at their expected level, the participant can release them and add a new one.

Trades can also benefit a team. For example, if someone is in a fantasy baseball league and has talented pitchers but amateur hitters, they can trade the pitcher and bring in a quality hitter to benefit their team.

Competition is fun because it allows you to be involved with your team. Sports fans will follow what is going on and make changes so you can win and earn bragging rights, money, or even a trophy.

Fantasy sports are really fun, especially when they are competitive. People should choose wisely who they want in their league. They should invite people who have knowledge on the sport, and will keep up with their team.

Every year I play fantasy football, basketball, and baseball.

I watch sports and ESPN and even look up specific statistics so that I can make my team better.

Every year I play I am involved with my team and get frustrated when I do not win. After each season ends I look forward to playing again next year.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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