Granada introduces AP Capstone

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By Delaney Dilzer

In the upcoming school year, a new program called Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone will be available for students. It is intended for students who want to have a more research and argument driven approach to their education.

The students who are interested in joining can study either a single subject or mutiple subjects that interest them. AP Capstone was designed to be more critical thinking based and to be a chance to let students be creative.

There are two parts of AP Capstone. The first is the Seminar Component, which is usually completed in either sophomore or junior year.

It is composed of three assessments, including team research projects and an individual research essay. Both involve independently researching assigned topics and then presenting to the class a defense of the research. The third assessment is an end of the year AP exam that includes three essay questions.

The second part of AP Capstone is the research component. Only for juniors and seniors the research involves a year long project. Students must have documentation of their research, a thesis-drive research paper, and a presentation of their thesis and topic.

Within AP Capstone there are two different options a student can choose from. First, the certificate program is specifically for students who complete both the seminar and research components with a score of three or higher.

Second, the diploma program is designed for students who pass at least four other AP tests along with completing both components with a score of three or higher.

“I’m extremely excited,” AP English language and composition teacher and head of the program Spencer Wolf said.

Wolf believes AP Capstone will be beneficial to students, instruction, and the school. It will help students with their college acceptance and teach them research skills that will be beneficial to them in the future. Additionally, it involves a faculty-wide collaboration since there are many different subjects involved.

AP Capstone is a new way for students to study expansively. It helps students with their futures by allowing them to challenge themselves when it comes to school.


Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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