Nick Jonas moves on from the Jonas Brothers

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Photo Courtesy of Japanesetear (Wikimedia Commons)


By Sukhmani Kaur

Before the craze of boy bands such as One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer emerged, the band that ruled the hearts of many girls was The Jonas Brothers.

With hits like “Burning Up,” “That’s Just the Way We Roll,” and “When You Look Me in the Eyes,” the Jonas Brothers was a successful band, loved by many.

After the band called it quits in 2012, the brothers headed their separate ways.

However, the brothers still remain well-known today, as seen with Nick Jonas and his successful solo career after the break-up.

On November 10, Nick Jonas released his second solo album after the release of his first solo album in 2004.  On this new album, titled “Nick Jonas,” Jonas released “Chains” as the lead single.

The song gained appreciation as it hit number 10 on U.S. Billboard’s Top 100 list, becoming Jonas’ highest charting single to date.

The album has received many positive views not just from fans, but from critics as well.

“I came in really wanting to make a record that was different from anything I’d done in the past, but that was true to my influences: Stevie Wonder, Prince, Bee Gees. I came in really sure of what I wanted to do for this album,” Jonas said in an interview with Times magazine.

Jonas’ confidence and effort in his album is evidenced by its 6th position on the U.S. Billboard’s Top 200 chart for 2014 music albums.

Along with a successful music career, Jonas has also been seen on television with his new show “Kingdom” which premiered in October.

Jonas plays the lead role of Nate Kulina, an up-and-coming fighter who is the only hope to save the gym, Navy Street.

Once again, Jonas proves that he is capable of balancing both acting and singing as he steals the hearts of both his music and television fans and critics.

“Without surging too deep into soapy territory, Kingdom grinds out excellent family drama via lived-in characters and escalating stakes. The cast’s chemistry is phenomenal, with Jonas as the standout,” Kyle Anderson from Entertainment Weekly said.

Jonas’ new image is something the fans cannot seem to get enough of as his popularity continues to increase even without the band.

After being a part of the Disney Channel for five years, Jonas has evolved from the boy band image as seen through his new looks and different approach to writing music, therefore garnering a more diverse audience.

Along with the new image Jonas has created for himself with his built up body, fans also enjoy the flare he has brought to his career through his different approach in his songs and the new projects the singer is doing.

Fans feel connected with the star as they have seen his evolution from a shy boy band member to a confident and independent musician.

The future holds great things for the rock star, as he is constantly busy with projects and promotions.

Recently, on November 30, Nick Jonas performed at the Helping and Leading Others (HALO) Awards where other famous singers such as Meghan Trainor and Jessie J were present.

As of right now, Jonas is on his first concert tour with the band title “Nick Jonas Live” to support his latest album.

The tour started on September 22, and will end December 18, with the last tour date in Los Angeles on December 5.


Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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