Wearing makeup is not the problem

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

By Shaneli Mirpuri

Makeup is a common controversy among girls today. Some girls prefer to stay bare-faced while others never leave the house without makeup. However, due to negative attacks on body image in the media and today’s society, some people believe that girls wear makeup as a mask, hiding their true selves. Though some girls may see it as so, many girls also see it as a form of self-expression rather than imprisonment.

Wearing makeup is purely a personal choice and either wearing it or not should be accepted. Sadly, some girls are shamed for wearing too little makeup to cover up while many others are shamed for the opposite reason: wearing too much makeup.

Those who do not wear makeup often get all the attention, but both sides of the makeup-wearing issue are a problem. It is not fun when you are told that you look tired because of a lack of makeup, but it is also just as off-putting when you are told that you are vain simply because you wear makeup. If a girl feels confident enough in her own body to go out without makeup, that is great for her. If a girl feels more confident while wearing makeup, that is great for her as well.

It is true that applying makeup takes time and some days take longer than others, but is it really a waste of time, like so many people think? Applying makeup does nothing but positively enhance oneself, giving girls boosts of self-confidence. It does not change anyone’s face, body, or identity. If anything, it can reflect a person’s personality just like fashion sense does.

If you ask most girls, they do not wear makeup to impress anyone. Sure, makeup is meant to make oneself look better, but it has extended much farther than that. Sharp eyebrows, well-maintained skin, and a layer of lipstick can simply make a girl feel good about herself.

Girls have worn makeup for millennia, dating as far back as ancient Egypt when Egyptians like Cleopatra used kohl to line their eyes. If it was not a crime to wear or not wear makeup back then, why are we turning it into one now? Cleopatra was only one of the first women to prove that you can be beautiful, intelligent, powerful, and wear a lot of makeup.

It is true that makeup has the potential to be harmful when it becomes a burden to girls who feel obligated to wear it in order to meet social norms and hide their insecurities, but its role as a form of self-expression can appease that.

Makeup should never be an obligation, but a choice. More importantly, makeup should never be the most significant aspect about a girl. Girls are so much more than the skin they reside in; their personalities, passions, and purposes should outshine a little bit of eyeliner and mascara.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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