Boys basketball continues to win games

By Mariana Valdez

With the season just starting, the boys varsity basketball team has started off on the right foot. So far, the team has placed third in the league, with four wins out of five games.

The first game and win was against Birmingham Charter High School (59-37) and their latest win was against the Chatsworth Chancellors (60-44) on February 6.

“I think the season is going really well. Most people viewed us as the underdog at the beginning of the season, but we’re steadily improving and showing that we belong out there,” senior pointguard Travis Fukumoto said.

Despite losing a big part of the team last year because of graduating seniors, they continue to work hard together and prepare for upcoming games.

Since the boys do a majority of their physical training during the pre-season, during the season they practice situational plays and work on fundamentals.

This season the team is looking forward to possibly making a run for the city title.

“The goal for this season is to go deep into the playoffs and make a run for the division championship,” coach Don Loperena said.

Loperena has very high hopes for this season’s team, acknowledging that many of the players have improved.

“Myles Roger is a tough guy and a great rebounder, Travis Fukumoto is one of our point guards who leads the team, and Michael Mensah is one of the youngest students on varsity, and scores around 12 point a game,” Loperena said.

The boys know that the road to the playoffs will not  be an easy one, but they aren’t giving up any time soon.

Senior Pagorn Sutanaphailboon said, “We are being much more aggressive and working harder,” when asked what the team is doing different this year in order to to go further,

As we can see, the boys are doing their very best this season, and all we can do is continue supporting them at their upcoming games.

“Expect a lot of good things from Granada’s basketball team,” Loperena said about his team.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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