Girls varsity soccer kicks its way to the top

TEAM BONDING: Girls varsity soccer team goes on a hike to improve their stamina.  Photo Courtesy of Maia Inniss
TEAM BONDING: Girls varsity soccer team goes on a hike to improve their stamina. Photo Courtesy of Maia Inniss

By Delaney Dilzer

The girls soccer team has had two good seasons in a row, and this current one has just started. This year, the girls are already 5-1-2 in the West Valley League and plan on going all the way to the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Los Angeles City Championships.

Once they accomplish that, the team wants to continue onto state finals where they hope to win their first state title.

Last year, the girls succeeded in making it to the CIF City Championships and won, even though they were not ranked first in their league. However, this year the girls have been working extra hard to go even further.

The team has practice on the football field every Monday through Friday after school and on Saturday mornings.

Their coach, Jose Leon, tells them that the most important training one can do for soccer is running, so they always emphasize endurance and fitness during their practices.

At practice, the girls must warm-up so they do not injure themselves. Sometimes, they add in some conditioning, such as sit-ups and sprints, in order to build their stamina. Then, they do multiple running and sprinting exercises.

At the end of practice, they do drills so they can get used to handling the ball for an actual game.

So far this season, the girls have added practices in order to try and improve their skills for their games. The girls have a different and better mentality and are more confident in themselves. In total, they have already scored approximately eight goals in just four games. The team has beat Birmingham Charter High School, Taft High School, and Chatsworth High School and tied with Cleveland High School.

“Even though we lost important players from last year, we still have a strong team,” senior Rebecca Stein said. “We take one game at a time and try to focus on winning. We take the time and dedicate ourselves to this team.”

The girls’ hard work is evident in their exciting games, and they are hoping it all pays off in the end.

So come out and support the girls soccer team at their next game on Friday, February 13 at 5:00 p.m. against El Camino High School at Granada!

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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