More technology in classrooms

more technology in classrooms
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

By Carina Calderon and Carolyn Cho

As society advances technologically, it is inevitable that technology will ease into the education system. Countless schools have adopted   technological methods of teaching as an alternative to heavy textbooks and endless stacks of paper. As schools have come to realize the amount of attention our generation gives to the Internet, they work to master and manipulate it to their advantage in education.

Recently, people have wondered whether schools have improved, or just implemented more technology into classrooms, lessons, and homework, seeing it as a viable option now that most students have cells phones and computers in their homes. Our school is not an exception.

Many teachers now use  touchscreen SmartBoards, customized websites for homework, and even  social network websites for their classroom information for each period.

Without a doubt, technology is the tool of the future and is already involved in most processes. Teachers are optimistic about the future of technology in education.

“I think it is important to utilize technology. Most students are savvy at using social media but cannot figure out Word and Excel. By using this technology more in class it will expand the breadth of their skills,” science teacher Melissa Savage said.

Along with Savage, many other teachers acknowledge that using technology in class makes it easier for students to use the Internet to find help for homework or extra study tools for tests. Other teachers were excited because of the numerous possibilities it could create for the future.

“I think that we could go paperless! It would be a lot easier to get more students involved, if done right. In fact, I actually applied to a conference in which teachers support the use iPods and tablets. I have some ideas,” math teacher Dr. Olga Koroleva said.

Dr. Koroleva isn’t the only one who believes in the striking influence and lasting impact of technology in classrooms. Students additionally support the new educational aspect of technology.

“I think it is more efficient and hands-on. Our future education system will eventually solely depend on technology for driving the classroom. Since everything in our society is so technology-based, it’s only a matter of time before technology encompasses the education system,” junior Cassandra Arambula said.

For better or for worse, the incorporation of more technology in our educational system has increased. Technology is even more commonplace and ordinary in our classrooms due to its engaging and convenient qualities. SmartBoards will soon be accompanied by, perhaps, Google classroom, encouraging the involvement of each student.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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