Urinetown: A New Twist on Musicals

Photo courtesy of GHCHS drama department
Photo courtesy of GHCHS drama department

By Savannah Elahian

The school’s musical “Urinetown” is set for Friday, March 13 through Sunday, March 15. This satirical comedy breaks the fourth wall by speaking directly to the crowd, giving the audience real, unapologetic entertainment. In the play, there has been a 20-year-long drought in the town. In order to save water, a corrupt businessman forces all citizens to pay to urinate. An uprising soon occurs, forcing the whole town into chaos. This honest and hilarious production has serious and relevant discussions of capitalism, social responsibility, bureaucracy, and so much more.

“This play is great because of course it’s funny, but you also have great messages that really give the audience something to think about when it’s over,” cast member and senior Ryan Hebdon said.

Knowing no boundaries, the play slaps the audience in the face when illustrating the stark and raw need for social change.

Written by Greg Kotis and Mark Hollman, the original witty and symbolic musical was first produced in 2001. It won Tony Awards for Best Book of a Musical, Best Original Musical Score, and Best Director of a Musical.

“There is a line in the play that goes ‘Gosh, I never realized large, monopolizing corporations could be such a force for good in the world.’ The whole play is just constant satire,” senior and actor Amanda Goldberg said.

Drama teacher Stuart Fingeret directs this musical with about 60 cast and crew members. For weeks they all have been preparing in class and after school working on their lines, choreography, and musical numbers.

“This play is different from others. It’s incredibly fun, not only for the cast, but also for the audience, everyone gets involved,” Hebdon said.

“Urinetown” is truly like no other. It not only breaks the fourth wall, but does parodies of other famous musicals such as “Les Miserables.”

“You think it’s the typical good guy beats the bad guy, but there are some plot twists along the way that will change the way the audience thinks,” Goldberg said.

Tickets to see this spectacular performance are on sale now at the student store, $8 for students and $11 for adults.

Author: Plaid Press

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