Dissection should not be mandatory in biology


By Heavyn Hilton

While it is intriguing to learn about plant cells and DNA in biology class, there are certain aspects that aren’t as captivating. Most off putting to me, however, is the animal dissection part of curriculum.

When I was a freshman, I took the course and I loved it until my class had to dissect an animal. I’m not a vegetarian or vegan; I simply do not appreciate something so adorable, such as baby pigs, being cut open in front of me. Because of my refusal to cooperate with the class, I ended up receiving a lower grade than the rest of my peers.

I understand the animals are already dead; however, giving a dead animal to a class of freshmen, who still have a lot of maturing to do, can result in unintended consequences. In my class, I witnessed several students cutting off parts of the body that were not supposed to be removed and running around flaunting pieces of flesh in other students’ faces.

I understand the purpose of dissection; however, not everyone is fit for this field, especially the students who don’t deem dissection as a learning process but an amusing activity.

I believe that students should be exempt from dissection if they have issues with cutting open an animal. Whether the reason be caused by religion or personal beliefs, a student should be allowed to take an alternate assignment to make up for this activity.

“Some teachers do offer an alternate assignment, however, the one offered to the class was way harder than the dissection; so even though I don’t agree with classroom dissection, I participated,” senior Gabby Saucedo said.

It’s not fair to force students to dissect an animal. While many teachers will claim that they’re not forcing their students, they clearly are because students will undergo this activity even if it goes against their morals just to receive an ideal grade.

Although the intention of this activity is to help students grasp biological concepts, not everyone is willing to partake in this activity. Therefore,  others should be given other work that will be accounted for the same amount of credit.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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