GBF takes economic olympiad

GBF STUDENTS: (from right) Brittney Alfaro, Justin Ko, Andrew Ceja, Cristian Ferman, and Genesis Martinez-Serna hold their Economic Olympiad awards.

By Saba Partovi

Once again, Granada Hills Charter High Schools’ (GHCHS)Global Business and Finance (GBF) students took home awards after participating in the Financial Literacy and Business Olympiad.

The GBF students took on the business based Olympiad on Saturday, March 14 at California State University in Fullerton (CSU Fullerton).

The Olympiad is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their understanding of key business and personal finance concepts.

The Olympians included freshman Justin Ko, sophomore Andrew Ceja, juniors Cristian Ferman and Genesis Martinez-Serna, and senior Brittney Alfaro.

As CSU Fullerton’s first Economic Olympiad, the university hosted five events in which GHCHS’ GBF students participated in three of the five.

Ko won third place in the Financial Literacy/Personal Finance Knowledge event.

Ferman also placed third in the first round of the Stock Market Competition and ended the Olympiad by finishing in the top eight in the final round.

“It definitely felt satisfying to place third. I didn’t really expect to go in winning since it was GHCHS’ first year competing in this Olympiad Competition,” Ferman said.

The last event in which the GHCHS students participated was an Economics and Business News competition where students took a quiz about business and finance stories covered by the Wall Street Journal.

However, GHCHS did not have any competitors for the remaining two Olympiad events– a Financial Business Plan competition and a Financial Literacy Video Competition.

“Due to the fact that it was our first year participating in the Olympiad, we were not sure what to expect. Regardless, I think it was a great way to get students involved and aware of the many fields of business,” Alfaro said.

Nine schools, most of them from Orange County, competed in the Financial Literacy and Business Olympiad.

Each school, except GHCHS, had been given dedicated tutor from the CSU Fullerton campus to help train the students for the events.

“It was pretty cool that we were able to place without the extra help,” GBF coach Barbara Kellogg said.

Next year the Cal State Fullerton Olympiad is anticipating an even better response.

“I can’t wait for what Granada will bring next year,” Alfaro said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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