Noel Vargas ASB President

noelle is super cute! By Jeet Rai On Tuesday, March 17, current Associated Student Body (ASB) president Thomas Han announced the 2015-2016 ASB president: Noel Vargas. As ASB president, she hopes to represent the entire school, help inform students of upcoming events, conduct ASB class meetings, assist in any school-related activities, allocate committee work and raise student issues to administrators. Most importantly, her goal is to keep school spirit as high as possible. “Noel Vargas is naturally a very enthusiastic and bubbly person. As Junior President, she has led her class with a contagious excitement and demonstrated bold class spirit! Now, as ASB President she is also responsible for embodying Granada spirit. I have no doubt though that she’ll exceed my expectations and set a bar beyond my own capability,” Han said. There are differences in responsibilities. Whereas ASB junior presidents fundraise money for senior year, ASB presidents must contend with larger, school-related issues such as trash pick-up campaigns and student issues with administrators. This past year Vargas and her fellow ASB junior delegates rose against obstacles such as raising insufficient funds the previous year. “The junior class began this year with about $1,000 and together we raised over $4,000. ASB is really a team effort,” Vargas said. With First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move! Initiative” to increase child nutrition at schools, ASB could no longer host fundraisers that included unhealthy foods, such as Boba, In-N-Out, and pizza. It is an incredible feat that the ASB junior class has pulled off this year, with Vargas proudly representing the team effort. Next year, one of Vargas’s main focuses is to continue the trash pick-up campaign that had been implemented last year. She hopes to set in motion a new and improved version of the campaign that involves every student by reaching out to all clubs’ presidents. “As I’m walking through the halls I stop and take a moment to truly acknowledge how lucky I am to be leading the students of Granada. It is a true privilege to call Granada my home, and I [wear] our colors with pride,” Vargas said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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