A bittersweet farewell, from the 2014-2015 Plaid Press staff

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By Melody Park and Tessa Weinberg

Another school year has passed, and many emotions confront us upon the completion of our final issue of The Plaid Press. Of those several stand out: sadness, excitement, hope, and pride as we share our hard work. But most of all, this is a very bittersweet farewell as we say goodbye to an uncomparable year full of noteworthy news and touching feature stories.

Over the course of the past year we not only accomplished our goal of expanding our online presence with our new website, but we also created a newspaper that embodied a cohesive design, giving The Plaid Press a unifying theme through every issue.

We made each of our monthly issues the best they could be. We were extra creative with our design and more hard-hitting with our articles. Our staff, an array of diverse individuals within the Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS) student body, truly brought our minds together in order to cover all things new, different, and interesting.

More than just interesting articles, we made an effort to try and present information to our readers in new ways.  We featured more comics, political cartoons, and infographics throughout our pages as well as unique feature spreads that connected the stories to make them more impactful.

Early on, we made it our top priority to make this a newspaper about the stories of our peers and teachers, being the voice of GHCHS.

Journalism is storytelling, and the best journalism revolves around strong connection and communication. With our last issue, we hope to bring our journey to a full circle and end this year by focusing on what–rather, who–comprises the bulk of this GHCHS-specific family.

Just as we stated in our first issue, “This is our readers’ newspaper just as much as it is ours,” and we continued to make this our focus in our last issue as we embraced the theme, “Humans of Granada.”  Including our readers in the experience and making them the focus of this final issue, we hope that you get the chance to know a little bit better that student you always passed by in the hall or had a locker next to by hearing his or her unique story.

Drawing inspiration from Brandon Stanton’s widely popular “Humans of New York” phenomenon that has taken social media by storm, we attempted to tell the stories of the humans that occupy the halls and classrooms of GHCHS everyday.  From math whizzes, to chess champions, GHCHS certainly has many exceptional individuals that make GHCHS not just a place to attend school, but a place to grow, explore, and thrive.

Although this year is about to end and our fellow seniors are in the midst of preparations to leave GHCHS to go make their own futures and add to their stories, there will always still be stories to tell here on campus, and we will all always be the humans of Granada, no matter where we may go.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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