First GHCHS Bazaar is a success

Photo courtesy Jeet Rai
Photo courtesy Jeet Rai

By Jeet Rai

On Saturday, May 2, the Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted their first ever “Granada’s Bazaar” at our very own Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS) to provide clubs, teams, and class councils with the opportunity to fundraise on campus. Of the money collected, 85% was profit and 15% of the gross sales contributed toward setting up and security expenses.

The word “bazaar” traces its origin to the Persian language, and refers to a marketplace, or a street of shops where goods are bought and sold. Granada’s Bazaar was held in the parking lot on Zelzah Ave., adjacent to the Staff Parking Lot. There were a total of 19 booths where clubs sold their respective items accompanied by a couple of food trucks.

With Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move! Initiative” that took full effect at GHCHS this year, many clubs and teams faced difficulties raising money because they could no longer sell certain food items such as the popular boba, pizza, and In-N-Out. ASB’s Fundraising Committee came up with the idea to hold a huge yard sale where GHCHS students could contribute any items to their clubs and help raise money.

To generate publicity for the bazaar, ASB announced the event on social media, posted it on the school website, created and posted flyers around campus, and even reached out to the greater Granada Hills community to get the locals involved. In fact, the event was even featured in the Los Angeles Times, the Chamber of Commerce, the community newspaper via GHCHS Community Outreach, and in a local newspaper near Antelope Valley.

Despite all the publicity, the anticipated crowd did not meet expectations. “We made about $40, but maybe that was in part due to the fact that we didn’t have half as much as what some of the other clubs had to sell,” junior and Red Cross club vice-president Sara Johnson said.

However, even though not all participating clubs met their expectations, they walked away with at least $40.

“Overall, I think it was a well-organized and successful event! We got some big buyers who bought a lot; about five clubs managed to make over $150,” junior and Fundraising Chair of ASB Aditi Dwivedi said.

According to Dwivedi, at around noon when clubs began closing up shop, the pile that was donated to the Salvation Army was a lot smaller than what everyone had initially brought. Though uncertain if the event will continue next year, Granada’s Bazaar offered an alternative way to fundraise.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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