Metro Expansion

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By Eugine Chung

We hear complaints all the time that the transportation system in the West Coast, especially in the San Fernando Valley, is not up to par to that in the East Coast. However, students can expect to have new means of getting from cities like Pasadena to Azusa with the new Gold Line Foothill Extension (GLFE).

The GLFE is expected to be completed in September and is comprised of two phases. Phase one includes the creation of six new stations extending the current Gold Line east from Pasadena, passing through cities like Arcadia and Duarte. Phase two will continue to extend farther east from Azusa to Montclair to include new stations at places like Glendora, Pomona, and Claremont.

On May 11, Phil Washington started working as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) new chief executive and will oversee the nationwide massive public transit system expansion, including that of Los Angeles.

With fiscal deficits in the transportation sector, there are talks of lowering service pays and other means of compensating with the insufficient budget relative to the ambitious expansion projects. However, according to a new poll by the MTA, more than two-thirds of Los Angeles County constituents are willing to and will support the proposal to raise the county sales tax by half-cent to 9.5%.

The higher tax can help amass around $120 billion for rail and highway projects. According to the Los Angeles Times, “the poll hinted at how dramatically that money could bolster transportation infrastructure across Los Angeles County…from Los Angeles International Airport to the San Fernando Valley.”

Indeed, a new bill is yet to be written, and there needs to be a 67% voter agreement. However, residents in the Los Angeles County seem enthusiastic about the increased transportation means and perhaps as an extension to the GLFE, we can expect more mileage from getting to our favorite California destinations.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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