Sullivan leaves a positive legacy at Granada


By Carolyn Cho

Chemistry teacher, Ethan Sullivan, takes on the responsibilities of being head coach of the track and field team. Sullivan began coaching because he felt he could really help out the school’s track and field team due to his years of experiences on his own track and field team during his school years.

Sullivan explains how coaching track and field is intriguing in its own way. “You get to see students perform in a very different realm from academics,” said Sullivan.

He explains how, on the team, his students can tangibly mark their own improvements by breaking records rather than the somewhat obscure of improvements that come in the forms of losing and winning a match.

In this particular sport, it’s not always about beating your opponent, but challenging and overcoming your own obstacles to beat your own records and self-improve.

When it comes to commonalities between coaching and teaching, Sullivan expresses his passion for working with kids in and out of the classroom and the inspiring hard work his students and athletes put in.

As a coach who was first a teacher, he explains how his background as a teacher helped him in guiding the team along as a coach. For instance, Sullivan says coaching helped him learn the importance of one-on-one communication between students who need the extra attention.

Unfortunately, Sullivan will be leaving the school this year as he will be moving to Memphis, Tennessee. As both a passionate teacher and coach, he will continue to do both in his new home.

He  the leaving seniors on his team to always keep a positive outlook, appreciate hard work, and to always be compassionate.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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