Tidal: the new music app

Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons
Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

By Nicholas Logan

Music is a lucrative pursuit in the entertainment world as artists have different ways to sell music and make money.

It started with vinyl records, moved onto CDs, and now involves the downloading of music from online music providers like iTunes. Nowadays, there are a variety of music streaming apps that allow artists to earn revenue.

Pandora and Spotify are some apps that allow musicians to earn money every time someone plays their song.

Similarly, TIDAL, a new music streaming app, has recently received great media attention.

Created by popular artist and producer Jay-Z, TIDAL is a new way of streaming music. Many people think the app is trying to compete with other music streaming services.

However, controversy has been aimed at TIDAL because in addition, some individuals view the app as simply a way for the rich to get richer.

The app allows well-known artists to stream their music easily, while lesser-known artists find a difficult time getting popular through TIDAL.

The app has exclusive content, such as music videos, which can only be viewed by those with the TIDAL app. Artists on TIDAL receive 75% commission when someone plays their songs or album from the app.

TIDAL’s executive, Vania Shlogel, feels that upcoming artists will be more motivated to get their music to stream on TIDAL because of the high commission.

Through the app, artists can connect with their fans to a greater extent as seen with programs like Tidal X.

Tidal X allows fans to view a live broadcast of concerts of musicians such as Jack White.

Fans also have an incentive for downloading the app as seen with artist J. Cole, whose exclusive giveaway handed out 500 tickets to fans who had the app.

TIDAL Rising is another program that the app contains that has received more negative reviews. This part of the program is used to expose indie and emerging artists.

TIDAL Rising can help an artist into the spotlight. This is where the “rich gets richer” philosophy towards the app comes in.

Instead of TIDAL focusing on newer artists get noticed, the app allows already popular artists become more well-known to other people who have the TIDAL app.

The last program is called TIDAL Discovery. This program allows more artists more freedom within the app. Artists are allowed to upload their own music as seen in Soundcloud.

This has generated some controversy towards the app because it also gives artists more freedom with their content.

The app will not share the music, and this causes more revenue for the app because artists can come out with a new song and have it released exclusively on TIDAL.

Jay-z and Schlogel realize they will get more critcism from the media as the days go by.

Not only do they get critcsism for making popular artists more money instead of focusing on underground artists, but they get criticism for the price of the app. TIDAL cost $9.99 a month like Spotify and Pandora, but users can pay $20 a month to receive high definition audio.

Although the price for TIDAL is the same as Spotify and Pandora, Jay-Z said he wants TIDAL to be the future of music. Critics think that $9.99 a month is too expensive for an app that wants to be the future of music.

Both Jay-Z and Schlogel feel like they’re doing the right thing and shouldn’t be getting blamed. The app will continue to stream big artists and exclusive song music videos because it serves the app’s main purpose.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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