Granada Hills Charter High brings home the gold

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By Chang Lee

On April 18, the Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS) Academic Decathalon team won their fourth United States National Academic Decathalon, which took place in Anaheim, CA.

The team consists of seniors Irene Lee, Peter Cho, Fernando Sanchez, Jenean Docter, Jasmin Kim, Natalie Gonzalez; juniors Jordge Zepeda, Tanthai Pongstien, Joshua Lin, Jinhee Han; and sophomore Aisha Mahmud.

The team, after a three-day competition, socred 53,592 points out of a possible 60,000 bringing in the victory for GHCHS.

More than 30 high school teams from the U.S. came to compete and another dozen from China and Great Britain. Despite the tough competition, GHCHS dominated the event. Team members Sanchez, Kim, and Pongstien were top scorers in the competition.

The GHCHS team competed in ten events covering topics in art, music, social science, science, economics, language and literature, and mathematics. Each participant also writes essays and is interviewed by judges on prepared and off-the-cuff topics.

Docter was named “Most Inspiring Team Member.” Docter continued to compete in the competition despite getting food poisoning. Sanchez medaled in every area of study with either a bronze, silver, or gold medal.

This concludes the Academic Decathalon season that began in Jun 2014.

“Over the course of the year, students learn how to become more efficient. They learn how to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. In part, this stems from the nature of Academic Decathalon: they simply do not have time to procrastinate. Our students are committed and it shows,” coach Mathew Arnold said in a press release.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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