10 Bathrooms for 4,500 Students

Photo courtesy of the Plaid Press
Photo courtesy of the Plaid Press

By Hope Su

Nutrition is exactly 12 minutes long. According to the school, 12 minutes is considered more than enough time for all students to use the restroom. However, taking into account the inevitably long lines, going to the bathroom during nutrition is pretty much impossible. In reality, there really aren’t enough bathrooms on campus to accommodate all 4,500 students.

There are ten bathrooms open to students on campus: two in A building, two in J building, two in F building, two in H building, and two in the Physical Education area. Regardless of whether you identify as male or female, your options are then further limited to only five bathrooms. If your classroom is far away from the five bathroom facilities available to you, then you’re out of luck.

“It’s a hassle to go to the bathroom during nutrition or lunch because the lines are incredibly long, and by the time I get to the front of the line, the bell rings for class,” junior Diane Bui said.

The problem isn’t only that there are so few bathrooms but also the fact that our current facilities are inadequate.

“I don’t have a problem with the bathrooms themselves, but we need more paper towels because those hand dryers are weak,” junior Richard Hovsepyan said.

With 4,500 students using the bathrooms daily, basic necessities like paper towels and soap are often found to be depleted. Not only that, but the bathrooms also have one other major problem: they are way too small. Students often crowd around the mirror and sinks, blocking the way to the stalls. In addition, the stalls themselves are so tight that it’s nearly impossible to get in the door if you have a full backpack. The only way to even make it to the bathroom is to go when everyone is in class.

The problem is that teachers often don’t allow students to use the restroom during class. Some teachers give passes to students so that they may leave if there is an emergency. However, you can only go the the bathroom, your locker, or anywhere else a few times a year because you only get so many passes.

Teachers need to allow more students to go to the bathrooms during class, or passing period needs to be longer because students can’t use the restroom when they need to.  If not that, then the school  needs to make more bathrooms available to students.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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