ASB/SLC make changes for 2015-16


By Victoria Navarro

Recently, there have been many changes occurring all throughout Granada Hills Charter High School, such as the usage of Chromebooks in classrooms and the installment of the new lockers and covered areas. Along with these modifications, the Associated Student Body (ASB) and the Senior Leadership Class (SLC)  are also making changes to create a memorable year for the students.

ASB is an organization of students who raises money for large events and also communicates with administrators. In other words, their job is to improve each student’s year through school policies by collaborating with the staff to fix any issues in their plans.

On the other hand, SLC primarily focuses on organizing senior activities in order to make the best possible school year for the graduating class. For instance, they are in charge of the senior apparel and certain events, such as Senior Day, Winter Formal, Dodgeball Inferno, and Prom.

Currently, both SLC and ASB are struggling with fundraisers from students due to the lack of participation. Fundraisers are crucial to ensure that events are up to the mark and memorable for the students since the budget limits the amount of possibilities. However, the organizations are looking to create new and different fundraisers to increase their funds for events, like homecoming.

“This semester, I’d say, is the most hectic semester. We have upcoming activities– dance, pep rallies, parades. We have clubs going on right now [and] freshman applications. So right now it is really crucial to get students involved,” ASB President Noel Vargas said.

Although they are both busy planning events, both the SLC and ASB’s ultimate goal is to raise school spirit. Student involvement is necessary so more activities can take place to ensure a good and entertaining school year.

Not only that, but SLC is looking to have new events for the senior class.

“If we all just have increased spirit then [the fundraisers] are going to go just fine and they’re going to increase from last year… Participation is key to a lot of our fundraisers and spirit,” SLC President Alyssa Escartin said.

Both organizations require more student participation in order to achieve their goals. Without any participation or school spirit, the quality of the events will decrease since the budget will be limited to a small amount.

However, with the cooperation from students, this year may be the best one yet.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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