Behind the curtains


By Hope Su

It was opening night. The audience could hear the clacking of heeled shoes as the Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS) Honors Choir took the stage. As the curtains were about to rise,  there was a blissful pause as the crowd watched Sarah White join her choir students. Most people watched the performance, unaware of all the hard work and dedication behind the seemingly effortless production.

Honors Choir is only one of nine choirs that puts on a variety of productions throughout the year. Each choir has at least five concerts a year. “If you’re in one of the ensembles that meets after school, you can dedicate anywhere from two to six hours outside of school to rehearse,” White said.

White is also extremely devoted to her students. The A capella groups meet before and after school, while Honor Choir and Show Choir meet throughout the school day.

White is teaching Women’s Show Choir for the first time and hired a choreographer to help with the dances. Unlike the other choir groups, Women’s Show Choir puts on fully choreographed performances to pop and jazz music.

Most people do not know that GHCHS has four A capella groups, Smooth White Chocolate, Happily Ever After, Once Upon a Time and Syncopella.

Despite all these differences, every student in choir gets something special out of the experience.

“There’s a social aspect to choir. It becomes more than a class, it becomes a family,” White said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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