Volleyball team improves its gameplay


By Lizbeth Trujillo

The girls varsity volleyball team kicked off its season this year with the same ultimate goal as last year: to win the League Championship and eventually the City Championship.

According to girls varsity volleyball coach Tom Harp and senior Samantha Holl, the biggest change to the team since last year has been the new team members.

“We definitely lost a lot of last year’s seniors. They were really strong passers, setters, and hitters. To compensate, we moved a lot of players to new positions this year. Our team has really progressed since the beginning of the season,” Holl said.

Some of the girls’ strengths this season include the team’s offense, as well as the strategic setters, powerful hitters, and strong servers, making them great competitors for the opposing teams. These strengths have given them confidence on the court.

Although the team has been doing well this season, they would like to work on mastering their consistent performance in games even when they are under immense pressure.

“We have had our fair share of moments where we choke under pressure, but it will only get better with practice,” Holl said.

Highlights for the season so far include defeating Palisades High School during the pre-season which has had a positive impact on the team’s confidence. After losing to Palisades High School last year, the team was determined to defeat the school this time.

Harp also believes that an important aspect of this season so far has been the three returning starters who have significantly improved since last year: senior and setter Sarah Park, senior and middle hitter Autumn Stevens, and senior and opposite hitter Sarah Hagge.

Although strategies and techniques have remained the same, the girls’ varsity volleyball team is as determined as ever to win all upcoming games of the season in order to ultimately become the City Champions.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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