Debate sweeps recent competitions


By Hope Su

From October 16 to the 17, the school’s debate team finished its latest tournament with admirable results. Their performance in this competition showcased the debate team’s preparation since the beginning of the year.

There were many winners in the Open Division, Public Forum category. For many of those winners, this was their first tournament. More than half of the newcomers had at least four wins by the time the tournament was over.

They were able to succeed because the team spent its first weeks learning how to form and defend an argument in debate.

In her first tournament, junior Tara Foroughi made it to the finals in the Novice Lincoln-Douglas debate. In this debate,  competitors discuss using logic, ethical values and philosophy. The controversial issue in this tournament was whether or not adolescents should be allowed certain medical procedures without their parents consent.

Meanwhile in another event, junior Ruby Lee, who has been debating for many years, and sophomore Aishwarya Mehta, earned a place in the top 16 teams at the Open Public Forum level, where participants take sides on issues of national importance.

After many hours of practicing in room B12 on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with debate coach Jerome Robinson, the debate team mastered public speaking and came home with 12 trophies.

To join the Debate team, every new member starts off in the Novice Division, which is open to sophomores through seniors.  After competing in Novice Tournaments, debaters can move on to Open Tournaments where they compete against students in Junior Varsity and Varsity.

“I feel that the novice debaters this year have really come through and put in time to win as much as possible, but winning doesn’t happen unless you put in time and work and you actually enjoy what you are doing,” debate captain and junior Vikas Chauhan said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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