Camua captures student life on film


By Shaneli Mirpuri

Every day teenagers scroll through dozens of photos, rarely taking pause among the countless selfies and sunsets. However, some photos manage to transform a mindless scrolling into a deeper reflection. Junior Raphael Camua’s photography has taken social media by storm with his artistic shots after dedicating most of his time, both at school and away, on his passion for photography and film.

On October 23, Camua released a music video of X Ambassadors “The Jungle” to feature the school’s 2015 homecoming football game as his first major film project on YouTube.

Student section leaders, seniors Mathew Quintero and Sean Lee, recognized Camua’s talent and asked him to direct a video to show off school pride at the game.

“They asked me if I could shoot some videos and I said I would be happy to! I love doing stuff like that no matter what it’s for as long as I can show off my talent,” Camua said.

Camua has loved photography and film for years. It has  only been in the past few years that has he realized it as his calling. He frequently photographs various sites around Los Angeles and posts many of them on his social media accounts.

Additionally, Camua is currently photo editor for the Tartan yearbook class and hopes to move up to section editor next year.

“A lot of people are so enthusiastic to get their photo taken. It’s a great opportunity to meet a lot of new people and it’s great to see how happy they get after I show them the picture. It really motivates me to keep taking photos,” Camua said.

Outside of school, Camua is working on a feature film which he plans to complete by the new year and submit it to a film festival. Camua also plans to continue producing school-related film projects to build up his portfolio and to increase school spirit.

“I want to document as much of my youth as possible. I feel that if I ever become successful with photography or film, I’ll want to have roots back where I started. Creating a legacy by taking pictures is definitely a way for me to do that,” Camua said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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