We need a longer lunch

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

By Karla Comayagua

Thirty-three minutes certainly is not enough time for students to go through the lunch line, the bathroom, their locker, eat and anything else they wish to do.

Lunch is a time for students to unwind from their previous classes and return at ease, ready to learn. But because lunch is so short, many students return to class hungry and unfocused. In addition, tons of food  is thrown away because of the short amount of time students are given to eat it. Since there is a lot of food left over, trash is left all over campus.

The short lunch periods also contribute to unhealthy eating habits. Since students have to quickly eat their food, they are pushed to buy a snack from the vending machines, that usually have no lines,  instead of eating a proper meal. Students are missing out on vital nutrients that they could receive from foods inside the cafeteria or carts, which could ultimately impact the student’s ability to learn or focus in the classroom.

The educational opportunities that students would have during lunch also would benefit students.

Since teachers will also have extra time, students could get help or reinforcement if possible. There would be more time to study or do homework if needed. Students could do any of these things and still have time left over to eat.

“The lines for the bathrooms are usually long, so a longer lunch it could give me time to go to the bathroom and go to the library and print something. I wouldn’t have to be in a rush during passing period either,” senior Katie Cardoza said.

Due to the increase in time, the occasional days when we have an extended lunch are appreciated. Students do not have to hurry to the lunch lines and can eat without rushing. Additionally, students who have a lunch pass leave campus without worrying about being late to their next class. The days we have an extended lunch are proof that it is beneficial to have a longer lunch.

Having a longer lunch would not only benefit students but teachers as well. Since teachers do not have a break to leave their classrooms during passing periods like students do, it is tiresome for them to stay in their classrooms all day. With a longer lunch, teachers and students would feel ready and be productive for fifth period.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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