Banner Bonanza: a chance to showcase student photography

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By Hope Su

Over winter break, all the banners will be changed to reflect a new generation of students at Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS). To determine the pictures that are going to be featured on the banners, a contest was held from November 20 to December 4. The contest was open to all current students and staff.

“This is the first year for a contest like this. The banners are being changed because they are looking worn and the campus could benefit from a refreshed external appearance. We have many talented and artistic students here at Granada and we want to give them a chance to be included in this project,” Community Outreach Coordinator Marilyn Koziatek said.

This was a great opportunity for many students and staff not only to capture what is special to them about GHCHS but also to display their talents. Among the photos submitted were beautiful portraits of students enjoying campus life, both in color and in black and white.

“Students should focus on their own personal journey at Granada and how to represent that in photography. We need portraits of individuals, pictures of students interacting, artistic interpretations of extracurricular activities, and a diverse range of styles and subjects that help to show how varied student life is at Granada,” Koziatek continued.     

One of the many students who submitted photos for the contest was junior Isabella Piangerelli, a passionate photographer who did not waste any time searching for the perfect photo that told a story about GHCHS.                

“I am definitely excited about this contest because, as a photographer, it can be difficult to find ways to expose your work, and this opens a space where my photos can be easily submitted and displayed for a long time to a large amount of people,” Piangerelli said.

All students and staff who have their photos selected to be featured on the banners will be given credit.

For aspiring photographers, this was an incredible opportunity because all of GHCHS will soon be able to see their masterpieces.

“We hope to order new banners during the winter break though that may change depending on the results of the contest and production of the banners,” Koziatek said.    

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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