Senioritis: What it is and how you can avoid it

Final cartoon turned thingBy Sukhmani Kaur

Overburdened with many responsibilities and expectations, high school seniors are constantly pressured to balance their education and extracurricular activities while also striving to maintain a social life, all at the same time. However as their high school experience comes to an end, many seniors begin to shift their priorities, leading to the development of senioritis.

Diagnosed by symptoms such as laziness, lack of studying, numerous absences, and a dismissive attitude, senioritis strikes due to the inability of seniors to cope with the immense stress that has built up over the past three years. Students become less focused on schoolwork and more focused on doing whatever possible to enjoy their last year of high school. However through this quest, seniors are unable to dedicate enough time towards their studies, therefore making senioritis hard to cure.

Senioritis can also follow students in college and the professional world. Since habits formed in childhood tag along in later stages of life, it is important to have a hard working and motivated attitude from the start in order to avoid the temptations of senioritis. Regardless of the consequences, senioritis can still be easy to catch, so here are a few ways to fight the urge.

Get organized

Whether participating in extracurricular activities or completing college applications, seniors need to stay organized and on top of deadlines. An effective way of staying organized is by using a calendar in which all deadlines for applications, papers, and tests can be noted. This organization tip allows tasks to get done more smoothly and helps avoid the buildup of stress in the long run. In addition, staying organized can also motivate seniors to get tasks done on time because students are better aware about their deadlines.


Senior year can be both nostalgic and exhilarating. As seniors look forward to graduating and starting college, they begin to experience great stress and anxiety, therefore causing grades to plummet. If you are struggling with your classes, make sure to ask someone for help. There are many tutoring sessions both before and after school that can helps seniors raise their grades. Don’t let the excuse of there being only “a few more months of school left” hold you back from the academic success you can achieve. In the long run, doing well in school is also beneficial in helping you succeed in your future career. Furthermore, it is important to express any thoughts or concerns you have about school with your loved ones because they can help ease out the stress and refrain you from catching senioritis.

Remember the end goal

Although senior year is a time to enjoy activities such as Prom and Grad Night, seniors must remember to end the year strong. It is important for students to do well in all their classes because senior year grades are significantly important and have an impact on college admissions. Colleges look for students who were motivated to work hard all throughout high school, even in their senior year. Therefore, seniors should continue to complete all homework assignments and excel in all tests in order to establish themselves as a strong candidate for colleges.

Once in a while, it is okay to take breaks and enjoy the company of others. However don’t forget to focus on your academics so you can truly enjoy your senior year, graduate, and feel proud of all that you have accomplished in the past four years.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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