Nuisances at the movie theatre

popcorn is spillinnnn

by Jeet Rai

It’s the big night, premiere night. Die-hard fans are present, finding solace in one another’s equivalent level of absolute obsession with the night’s feature film. Pandemonium encases the theatre’s perimeter for hundreds of meters. The excitement in the air is nearly tangible. When the doors finally open, lines upon lines of fans, including some who had been camping out for days, rush forward with vigor.

The movie begins and people have already clapped at least a thousand times, for no apparent reason. When the beloved characters appear on screen, more uproarious applause ensues. The film proceeds with a scene that is so intense, heartbreaking, and dramatic. That is until all of a sudden, some goon in the audience decides to blurt out a spoiler.

One movie that witnessed this scenario recently was ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ at Maya Cinemas 16 in Bakersfield on December 17, 2015. It is difficult to imagine the hatred that was sent the goon’s way after he blurted out the spoiler about the death of one of the main characters.

“I cannot believe that happened. Everyone probably wanted to inflict some serious bodily harm on that guy. You’d have to be straight stupid to do that in a room full of fans that literally dedicate their lives and philosophies to the film series. And “Star Wars,” no less!” senior Roshan Chatlani said,

It’s not just spoilers inside the movie theatre that can stir the outrage of an audience. As a matter of fact, there are a plethora of little, seemingly innocent acts that are more agitating than the perpetrator thinks.

“I think the worst, by far, is when people talk excessively during the movie. It just makes me want to turn around and kick them out of the theatre,” senior Madisen Ro said.

When people use their phones with the brightness set to “blinding,” kick the seat in front of them, throw popcorn across the room, or munch loudly on their snacks, they are naturally bound to exasperate everyone trying to disappear into the world of cinema unfolding before their eyes.

Next time, when you or your friends and family take a trip to the movie theatre, remember that people are just as excited as you are, so there is no need to blurt any spoilers or make the cinematic experience any less enjoyable than it is meant to be.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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