Pro-Football teams return to L.A.


By Karla Comayagua
The National Football League (NFL) confirmed receiving documents from the Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, and Saint Louis Rams, which proposed the teams’ relocation to Los Angeles. However, the  Raiders were denied their bid for relocation while the Rams held a press conference on January 15 to officially announce the team’s move to Los Angeles. The Chargers have until March 23 to decide whether or not they will relocate.

Unlike the Chargers, the Saint Louis Rams quickly decided to officially move to Los Angeles. Although Saint Louis football fans will be sad to see them move, many other football fans will be happy to have the Los Angeles Rams back after 21 years.

Currently, there is no football stadium solely dedicated for the new teams but Stan Kroenke, owner of the Saint Louis Rams revealed his plans to build a stadium in 2015 after buying sixty acres of land in Inglewood.
Kroenke has big ideas for the Inglewood stadium and believes it could host big events like the Super Bowl, Olympics, and Final Four.
“We’re happy to be here. It is quite a privilege. We’re looking forward to moving ahead on this,” Kroenke said at an NFL press conference.
The blueprints of the stadium reveal it having 70,000 seats. The Orange County Register reports the cost of the extravagant stadium could reach up to $2.66 billion. In addition, the stadium is part of Kroenke’s City of Champions Revitalization and will be known as the Los Angeles Entertainment Center. Kroenke’s team gathered 20,000 signatures for a petition to kickoff his project and the  Inglewood City Council approved its construction in a 5-0 vote.
The Chargers also wanted to build a stadium at a former landfill in Carson. Bob Iger, chairman of The Walt Disney Company was in favor of  the Carson stadium bid appreciating its location being next to Orange County with easy freeway access.
In the end, the NFL was in favor of the Inglewood stadium.The home of the Los Angeles Rams is scheduled to open in fall 2019. In the meantime, the Rams will play in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, currently home to the USC Trojans college football team.
Due to this change the Rams will not be able to sell premium merchandise at the Coliseum and would therefore have to wait until the Inglewood Stadium is complete in time for the 2019 NFL season.
Both teams would benefit if the Chargers finalized details of their relocation so that employees would know if they need to relocate to Los Angeles or find another job.
It will not be difficult for the Rams to create a fan base because they were previously located in Anaheim and Los Angeles for several years making loyal fans overjoyed for their return.
As of now, the number one priority for the team is getting  relocated and settling in so they will be able to train for the new season in Los Angeles.With a new stadium and loyal fans waiting, Los Angeles will welcome the Rams with open arms and await the Chargers’ final decision.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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