Reboots fail to live up to the original creations


By Lizbeth Trujillo

Highly anticipated  reboots to look forward to in the near future include “Fuller House” (originally “Full House”), “The X-files”, “Twin Peaks”, “Finding Dory” (sequel to “Finding Nemo”), “Jumanji”, and “Grease Live” (originally “Grease”). However, the high publicity that these TV series and films receive fails to guarantee that the final products will also be enjoyable and memorable as the original.

One would imagine that remaking a movie or a TV series would be fairly simple, considering that a director is aware of the elements that made the original successful, the ones that did not and what viewers wanted changed. Unfortunately, many reboots have failed to live up to the audience’s expectations for the following reasons:

A less talented cast and crew

 Often times, the new director or new actors can’t live up to the old ones, therefore making the film reboot unsuccessful. For example, in last year’s remake “Total Recall,” Colin Farrell generally proved to be a better actor than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger was very charismatic, while Farrell lacked the same charm and is seen as a bland protagonist in the wrong hands, which is why the remake was a failure.

There’s nothing to add

Even if the cast and crew is talented, people need a reason to go to the movie theater and see the film. If reboots have nothing notably different from the original series or film, then there is nothing to capture the audiences’ interest. “The Amazing Spider-Man” portrays this problem, as director Marc Webb failed to add anything noteworthy to the origin plot. The result was a movie that was neither worse nor better than Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man,” but faintly different. 

New additions that ruin the film

Directors usually have many additions such as new characters or a different plotline to add to reboots, however they may not always be worthwhile and may leave viewers unhappy. For instance, in his remake of the famous film  “Godzilla,” Roland Emmerich took the monster off the screen for the majority of the movie and instead placed major focus on Godzilla’s offspring, which only angered viewers. 

Some films only work in the time they were created

People’s mindsets change overtime due to changes in culture and trends, which means that a film made in the 80’s will likely not have the same effect on the audience as it did back then. “Red Dawn” is a perfect example of this concept because the original was made during the Cold War, a time period where people were extremely patriotic. Therefore, a modern remake film also centered on communism seems out of place. 

Filmmakers are too devoted to the original

Some directors try very hard not to lose the qualities that made memorable TV shows and movies successful. However, they fail because these elements are no longer as loved by the audience as they once were. “Superman Returns” is considered a sequel, yet many see the film as a remake of the first “Superman” movie because of the excessive amount of similarities that can be found when comparing the two.

Considering that studios prefer to invest their money in franchise films as opposed to coming up with fresh, innovative and original ideas, it is reasonable to say that in recent years, Hollywood has failed to create an original movie idea. Therefore, it is necessary to return to the time when movie and TV show ideas were authentic in order to please viewers by providing them with more enjoyable things to watch.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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