Different marathons to run throughout the year


By Hope Su

Completing a race is a huge accomplishment and many people compete for the thrill of accomplishing such a daunting task. Thousands of athletes participate in races as a way of testing the limits of their physical abilities. In recent years, more and more ambitious athletes have decided to compete in different kinds of races  to get in shape. Here’s a list of upcoming races held throughout the year.

The Mud Run

The Tough Mudder Mud Run is a 6.2 mile run that involves much more than jogging. Competitors are placed into teams and compete in an obstacle course with mud pits, tunnels and net climbs. This is a great activity for friends who enjoy working as a team to overcome challenges. All money raised from this event goes towards the Wounded Warrior Project, which helps veterans adjust to civilian life. One of the biggest Tough Mudder mud runs will be held in Los Angeles in April.

Color Run

Participants of this unique 6.2 mile event are sprayed with an array of bright neon colors as they run to upbeat music. The Color Run was inspired by the Indian festival of Holi, where people throw paint on one another to celebrate the coming of Spring. The most popular Color Run is hosted in Los Angeles and attracts thousands of participants every summer. Runs are held at night and during the day so everyone can enjoy the event.

Spartan Run

The Spartan Race was designed to push hardcore athletes to the limit. The two different types of Spartan Races held in the U.S. are the Super Spartan and the Spartan Beast. The Super Spartan features an  8 mile long obstacle course while the Spartan Beast features a 12 mile obstacle course. Both races feature obstacles like mud, fire, and barbed wire. Members of the military and professional athletes also participate in the Spartan Race to test their limits and prepare for combat. The race is also perfect for serious athletes who want to hone their running skills.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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