Diversity in classes at Granada

By Jane Sin

Contrary to many other schools, Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS) offers a plethora of classes which include 28 Advanced Placement (AP) as well as theatrical, musical, visual arts, and vocational classes. However, there is no limit to the amount and variety of classes students would benefit from. Many times, the most unexpected and nontraditional courses enables the student to find their passion which stays with them even after they graduate. With that said, here are a few classes we wish were offered here at GHCHS.

Senior individualized experience: For some mysterious reason, after college applications are over senioritis plagues the senior class and rids them of all motivation to study and work hard in their classes. In fact, many seniors choose to leave school early, take Teacher’s Assistant (TA) classes, or to have a study hall period. With the “senior experience” class, seniors would be able to opt out of an average elective class and decide to create their own individualized program of study for ten hours each week. Miramonte High School in Orinda, CA has actually made this class available to seniors for the past three years. They have had good results with classes dedicated to writing sketch comedies, practicing women’s self-defense, studying reconstructive surgery, and even becoming certified as an emergency medical technician (EMT), according to their website.

Martial Arts: While physical education certainly aids students in their physical health, a class dedicated to martial arts would also aid students in their mental health. A few of the many other benefits are learning to take hits, connecting one’s mind and body, resolving conflict, and learning to breathe. It would especially benefit students who don’t have an interest in joining a traditional sport but would like to remain active during their junior and senior years. Martial arts also teaches students to have self-confidence and self-respect. They would be discouraged from using the art for violence, but rather to use it for self-defense. At Winchester High School in Winchester, Massachusetts, students even learn from a local world champion to find a new passion through martial arts.

Fashion Fundamental: Among the wide variety of visual arts classes we have at GHCHS are painting, drawing, graphic design, animation, and pottery. But we fail to have any fashion classes. With the growing influence of fashion in our modern society, it would be wise to include it as an elective. At Sacred Heart-Griffin High School in Springfield, Illinois, students who are aspiring fashion designers enjoy choosing from fashion course topics ranging from construction and design to fashion etiquette and how to make it in the industry. By splitting the course into Fashion I-III, students can pace their growth and understanding in the subject.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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