Artist highlight: Samantha Choy, dancer

IMG_4084By Nafisa Hossain 

Sophomore Samantha Choy has always been interested in dance. Since kindergarten, she has taken a variety of dance classes such as jazz, ballet, and tap. However, Choy’s interest in dance sparked in 2012 when she was introduced to Korean pop music (K-Pop) and the dance routines of well-known Korean singers and dancers.

“The song that really got me interested in K-Pop was ‘Forbidden Love’ by U-Kiss. I loved the song and how U-Kiss captured the essence of it in their music video with their powerful choreography. Learning the dance to ‘Forbidden Love’ was what opened up the gateway that led to me learning the dances to other songs as well,” Choy said.

Choy is never afraid to challenge herself and master difficult dance routines. She always chooses to learn a dance based on how much she likes the music or how fluid and impressive the dancing is.

Choy works towards pursuing her interest in dancing both in and out of school. In freshmen year, she transferred out of her physical education class to take the intermediate dance class and even took a summer hip-hop course to hone and diversify her dancing skills.

“I really enjoy dancing and the performing arts in general. With each style of dancing I am introduced to, I feel as though I am just increasing my knowledge because even a dancer who has been performing for years can always learn a new technique or style of technique. There’s always room for improvement because in dancing there is always someone better than you that you can learn from,” Choy said.

She enjoys performing in front of an audience because it gives her a sense of pride and exhilaration. In the future, Choy plans to post dance covers she has mastered online so that other K-Pop fans or dancers can watch and appreciate her work. In addition, Choy wants to pursue a career in performing arts to expand her knowledge and level of expertise.

“Although there’s the possibility that I won’t go far with performing arts, I think that it’s really important to go do the things you love with passion and never abandon them. Even if I have to limit how much I can do to pursue my interest in dance, I don’t want to cut myself off from doing it. It’s always nice to have options and many interests to fall back on as we start to think about who we want to be as we grow up,” Choy said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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