Cellist Anthony Schnell perfects craft

Click on the image to view a performance by the GHCHS orchestra with a solo by Schnell.

By Andrea Lopez

Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS) has a large variety of talented students, but one in particular has stood out for his musical talent.
Senior Anthony Schnell, is a cellist who has been in the GHCHS orchestra for the past four years.

Schnell has been playing the cello for eight years and plans to continue for many more. In his fourth grade music class, Schnell’s teacher inspired him to pick up the instrument. From then on, Schnell has enjoyed practicing the cello and wishes to pursue a career in music.

“Schnell is a gifted cellist and musician. While he has a lot of innate talents, I admire the fact that he works very hard to make use of the talent that he has. And I feel lucky to have him in the chamber orchestra because I often find myself learning as much from him as I hope I teach him,” orchestra teacher Cameron Guerrero, said.

Apart from playing in the school’s orchestra, he also sees a private instructor to further perfect his skills and practice the cello for about twelve hours every week. Not only that, but he takes part in an outside orchestra group, Kadima Conservatory of Music.
Schnell meets with his outside orchestra group once a week where they practice together for big performances. He has landed solos in some performances.

In March, he played Saint-Saen Cello Concerto with the Kadima Conservatory of Music. He was a featured soloist and everyone in the audience, including his teacher, enjoyed his performance.

Schnell’s private cello teacher, along with his parents, are very supportive of his hard work. His parents attend all of his shows and they are all proud of him for constantly putting in his best efforts in his performances.

“I enjoy playing in an orchestra more than playing solo because I get to interact with other musicians and learn from them too,” said Schnell.

In the future, Schnell aims to attend a top music school, such as Lawrence University, and get a music performance degree so that he can become a private teacher, or play in a professional orchestra.

Schnell’s commitment to his passion makes him and his talents truly inspiring and worth the recognition.

To view a live performance by Schnell go to the Plaid Press Website!

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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